Share You know how soft and smooth your partner's skin feels on your fingertips when you cuddle up next to them at night or give them a massage? Research says their skin probably isn't Waant delicate and baby-soft as you think it is — in fact, it might just be a total illusion. Scientists at the University College of London discovered the softness of your ificant other's skin is likely a trick of the mind to keep you interested efel cuddling, stroking and massaging your partner. In a study published Sept.

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I hope you find this routine as helpful as I have. But what about for those who DO the touching? You should be cool with it. We should all be cool with it.

There's a scientific reason why it feels so damn good to cuddle

It's not expensive, either. More is more, I always say. It kind of seems like a lot of work, but it's actually not.

Want to feel soft skin

Forget fancy laser treatments for any scarring or stretch marks, just cover yourself in cocoa butter. This, my dear chickens, is how Auntie Gigi gets skin that feels like goddamn butter. But that's not all.

Why someone else's skin feels softer than your own

She hypothesizes that humans have retained this preference for touch over evolutionary history. So if you needed extra incentive to stay in bed and cuddle with your S. Science explains why Sept. Which is arguably the best part.

Want to feel soft skin

You have to let the new, fresh skin come through. Researchers think this behavior is a primate form of " social touch ," which plays a major role in relationship building and bonding. Although the softness illusion has a of implications for future research about the importance of human sott, Fotopoulou said she and her colleagues have more work to do to confirm that it's real. For instance, because women tend to be more sensitive to emotional touch, the study only used ski as subjects, so they have yet to see if the effect is as strong in men.

Don't be too rough on your skin. Touch givers touched the arms and forearms of the receivers at different speeds.

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This increases the desire to touch another person and bolsters the relationship. Just steal your boyfriend's nice one.

Want to feel soft skin

Soft skin is dope. Life, love and soft skin: It's all anyone could ever want. COM ro Researchers have long known that being caressed has positive health benefits. You need to exfoliate, because exfoliating removes the gross top layer of dead skin that builds up over time.

Want to feel soft skin

It's like a spa treatment. Go forth, slather on the moisturizer and love yourself. Giphy We aoft much more to learn about the benefits of touch. Does someone else's skin feel softer than your own?

Want to feel soft skin

I get this autoimmune reaction on the back of my arms where skkin follicles get trapped, and it causes scarring. Unless you're the guy from "Silence Of The Lambs.

They found that the illusion only worked when people touched hairy skin the forearm as opposed to the hairless palm and when they touched the skin at a slow, stroking speed, similar to how you might stroke your partner's arm or back while cuddling with them. Scientists at the University College of London discovered the softness of your ificant other's skin is likely a trick of the mind to keep you interested in cuddling, stroking and massaging your partner. Best friends give each other Lush products for Christmas.

Fotopoulou and her colleagues believe the illusion of softness is a psychological trick your brain plays on you to keep you interested in engaging in social touch, and there's a large body of evidence to suggest that such touch fsel beneficial for humans. They asked the pairs to take turns being touch givers and touch receivers.

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I lather up with my hands because loofahs aren't sanitary LOLand by that I mean that I keep forgetting to buy one and use this as an excuse. But experts say the study has enormous potential in terms of helping us identify a connection between the emotional centers of the brain and the parts of the brain that alert us to internal cues in the body. Fotopoulou and her team are also looking into how the effect of touch might fesl depending on whether the person you're Watn is your partner, a friend or a stranger.

Feel pretty, you hot bitch.

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When in doubt, put on more. There's something of a taboo associated with touching others in social contexts. My beauty regimen is no joke, dude. It doesn't work for everyone; I get efel.

Want to feel soft skin