She knew that there were certain rituals to go through to get a full membership but she shrugged it off and moved into the House anyway.

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I went straight there.

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Rikki flung her arms across the bed causing her tits to bounce from side to side — and this really excited Frank. She lay on Sororitg spotless white covers and he bent over her and began to nibble on her nipples — ever so gently. Frank warned her when he was about to cum and she pulled back and worked out his goo with her hand. Instead stor feeling exhausted he seemed rejuvenated and he soon had her legs in the air and his face buried between them.

Everything about the place indicated great wealth and she wondered how Frank had accumulated it. Soon he was sponging her front, her back and between her long slender legs. Wear a sexy costume and let any guy from the fraternity fuck you.

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He was such a nice old man she was growing quite fond of him and he was awfully well-groomed and not at all like she imagined when the Roz at the sorority had made her demands. Being the gentleman he bid her get into the shower first and he followed.

Nothing like gangbanging you. She walked in front of us the remaining 9.

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She then told us. Once done.

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I thought I was done. I thought I was not going to get into the sexiest sorority on campus. It turned out to be 67, that was certainly old enough to be her grandfather. He asked what they were demanding that was so bad when she told him she had to have sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather.

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The hottest too. Well sex in general. She told me to come to the sorority house. She then leaned into me and grabbed my tits and said Jessie you have the biggest swx of tits here girl. You then fuck and take them to the rooms marked for fucking pledges and you fuck them. A few girls were confused.

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There was quite a lot and it shot all over the sparkling white bed covers. She then walked behind each of us. That tonight was going to me our night. She Soroity thought of someone with a bushy beard and a walking cane, Frank was far removed from that image.

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I was ready. Rebecca then came in and told us. When he did cream her pie she hung onto his shoulders as he made those last powerful strokes that ignited her nerve endings and sent her into a sensational climax. Note in hand she left the Sororihy and headed back to college in the chauffeur driven limo.

He did everything very gently and when he opened up her slit and the tip of his tongue Sororitg contact with the lips, it sent lightning bolts throughout her body. She slipped down the bed, took his dick in her hand and peeled the skin back as far as it would go and then she caressed it with her lips, just holding it there at first and then gently sliding them right down Sorrority shaft.

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She then said everyone except Jessie grab a card on the table and go to the room the card tells you. When all the girls left, I pick up my clothes.

Sorority sex story

She then kissed my neck and let go. Rikki saw him the following day in exactly the same place and she decided to engage him in conversation again to try and find out his age.

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Now the Frank worked it with his fingers and his long smooth pussy flicker until she could hardly stand it anymore. It was huge and the furnishings were luxurious. Smacking our asses.