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We used to collect at the 60 day mark but learned the hard way that humans are Parroh hardest part of rescue. Are there any adoption requirements? Apply below now.

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We want to get to know you as a human being. Your adoption fee is then converted to a donation to the rescue, which you can then request a receipt for, that can be used for your taxes. And, rescues do not make a profit. If later down the road its time for the kids to take on the responsibility of the birds — we happily give our consent. The bird destroys stuff. Always feel free to or message us on Facebook.

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You can view our birds on Petfinder. In our eyes, a bare naked macaw and a fully feathered macaw both deserve the same shot at the pursuit of happiness equally. Birds cannot be purchased as a gift or surprise. We love kids, we do.

Parrot for sale in illinois

She will be very honest with you. That is for the life of the bird. The steps look like this: 1. As a he up, we do not use Foster Families for birds.

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The contract includes a 60 day mandatory acclimation period. Adoption fees are what keep this rescue in operation.

We will review it and you back. A common Parroot and one that we'll continue-- is a sense of community ed with a spirit of fun.

Parrot for sale in illinois

We will ask for picture ID before you come. What we observe and flesh out during training is what we will be passing on to you. You may adopt birds for your family, knowing they bond with a specific person usually, but if you think that might bewe beg you to not do that.

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This is in the contract, and is strictly enforced. Throughout the process, we are always willing to answer questions, and help with anything that crosses your mind. Birds are not gifts.

You will have an opportunity to meet and interact with all the birds. You will your adoption contract the day that you visit.

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But, the life changes that will be coming up are not good for a bird. Not exactly a rebirth, but more a good scrubbin' and a re-arrange. The person who will be the caregiver and owner of the bird is the person who needs to be approved. But there are a few: 1. Look the website over, give us a illlinois, then come on salee and see us Be prepared, because sober and lit, the Parrot's at least a third the size you remember. See the petfinder listing for each bird to know if they have a cage that comes with them or not.

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Adoption Application The following will get the ball rolling to apply for adoption of a bird from Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab. Shannon is nothing if not blunt. Sometimes birds come to us, but most of the time, Surrendering Families ask us to come to them. We get it. Macaws and apartments do not jive. They will illjnois be blunt.

We've given the Dirty Bird a transformation. What are the steps to adopt? The board, made up of three members, Heidi, Katie, Rachel, and our Founder, Shannon will be asking you questions. What are the adoption fees?

Parrot for sale in illinois

Any bird who is known to vocalize loudly cannot be adopted into an apartment. A large macaw can go through a 40 dollar toy in about an hour. In order to move to the next step, 2 out of 3 have to agree you would be a good fit. They also cost the same to feed, vet, if anything the naked macaw costs us more to vet due to the testing necessarythey destroy the same amount of toys, and require the same amount of cage.

For your invitation, we will ask for picture ID — this is for the safety of the rescue, our founder and her family. You must be over An elderly. The bird is just too messy. Smoking in your home is an immediate denial for adoption.

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Our low adoption fees attract flippers. You have 60 days to make sure the bird works out for you and your family.

ror We try not to have hard and fast rules. If there is any evidence of you flipping animals of any species — do not apply.