MK: Yes, of course.

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They wanted to make a referendum at that time. NC: So that was real.

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Because Cyprus is important. The Greek Cypriots or the Turkish Cypriots? We only had RIK. And I was a football player in the college team…the football team had 11 players. But one night I remember, when I was in the service, do you know, Dikomo village.

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From this period. I remember the name — Onisilos, one group, Evagoras another group. Zika virus is most likely to be detected by currently available tests when symptoms are present.

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MK: He has written many books about the Cyprus conflict, and…he is an intellectual. I think 4 or 5 of them, I forgot. And with two of my friends, by bus, I came to Nicosia in May. But I think to bring him to Nicosia, somebody had to go to his place in Limassol.

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Turkish people, of course. MK: Not Bayrak. One part said Enosis. And there is some place that means Arnaout. And all of our lessons were in English, and it was compulsory that we read this book by Philip Newman.

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And I stood, and a woman came and she looked at me and I looked at her. But these two friends, they found a lorry, something like seex. Maybe I told you that for the first time I saw my father when I was 30 years old. How did this happen?

And I was on duty. We are bringing another person to Nicosia, so you can fill his position in Limassol. But this war brought this sad problem together. How could things be organized so people could stay in their houses?

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NC: Ormofita, you said. If you remain unwell and malaria has been shown not to be the cause, seek medical advice. Not the leader of the Cyprus government. And then my mother… you know the crocodile, is a wild animal. They were lost in the street.

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What were we getting, for example. Microcephaly means the baby will have an abnormally small head and can be associated with abnormal brain development. And these people came. I remember one of the archives during the Ottoman period, a man, Turkish villager, went to the administrator, at that time we called kadu, like mayor or administrator.

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Specific recommendations for pregnant women considering travel to affected countries or areas can be found in the "other risks" section of the NaTHNaC country information s. It made people feel afraid of each other. The period changed. MK: Christofias is the political leader and so you are the leader of the church. What do they share? During the Ottoman period—I read this from the archive, just to tell you during the Ottoman period, more than now—there were mixed marriages.

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Maybe writings in the street, maybe slogans of enosis, slogans of taksim, helped people start this polarization. It was by chance.

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Anyway, what I mean is that during the, before the Ottomans, there were the Venetians, Luans, and many other cultures came to Cyprus, stayed here, but the Venetians were in Cyprus in the beginning. Sexx the mosquitoes that spread malaria, affected mosquitoes the Aedes mosquito are most active during the day, especially during mid-morning, then late afternoon to dusk.

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And in Limassol — they told us to be careful, not to go out, not to travel. Maybe if you go back, my uncle was a school director, a secondary school director. It is this. I was in the service.

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The man who drinks and plays. And where did he learn it?

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And in the Cyprus Republic was established — also, during that period a lot of people from the south came to Nicosia. We were watching RIK. And maybe we can create an enemy from outside and we can unite.

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If your male partner has travelled to an area with risk for Zika virus transmission, you should use effective contraception to prevent pregnancy. Maybe, peace in Cyprus. Albania, Macedonia, all these parts, Serbia.