Take a walk Bear with me here, because I know this one sounds like something out of a cheesy self-help book.

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Help your child beat exam stress

Allow half an hour or so for your child to wind down between studying, watching TV or using a computer and going to bed, to help them get a good night's sleep. But not being home as often as I'd like to be for her does contribute to my stress levels, to the point where I feel guilty staying out late at a happy hour when I know she's at sstress waiting for me. Activities that involve other people can be particularly helpful.

When the exams are over, help your child celebrate by organising an end-of-exams treat.

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Sleep will benefit your child far more than a few hours of panicky last-minute study. Staying calm yourself can help.

Need to relieve midterm stress

Listen to your child, give them support and avoid criticism. If anxiety is getting in the way rather than helping, encourage your child to practise the activities they'll be doing on the day of the exam. Taking slow, full breaths disrupts the secretion of stress-inducing hormones and helps you feel calmer. When stuff hits the fan at workmy automatic reaction is to first take to my group chat, complain to whoever will listen and start making happy hour plans. Spend time with your pet As a single cat mom, I do my best to spend as much time with my cat Nightmare relleve possible — especially since it's just the two of us living together.

If you think your child is not coping, it may also be helpful for you to talk to their teachers. Some parents find high-fat, high-sugar and high-caffeine foods and drinks, such as energy drinks, cola, sweets, chocolate, burgers and chips, make their children hyperactive, miidterm and moody.

A guide to managing mid-quarter stress

Encourage your child to talk to a member of school staff who they feel is supportive. Research shows that playing with and petting animals decreases the production of cortisol. Media last reviewed: 27 February Media review due: 27 February last reviewed: 7 January Next review due: 7 January Which was as sad as I'm making it sound. Discuss the parts that went well rather than focusing on the questions they found difficult.

The key is to put these nerves to positive use. When your child is revising all day, do not worry about household jobs left undone or untidy bedrooms.

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Cramming all night before an exam is usually a bad idea. about healthy eating for teens.

Need to relieve midterm stress

If things do not go well they may be able to take the exam again. For example, this may involve doing practice papers under exam conditions or seeing the exam hall beforehand.

It does not matter what it is — walking, cycling, swimming, football and dancing miidterm all effective. Rewards do not need to be big or expensive. The first time I sat down to do this sober, I found myself grabbing for my glass of wine where it usually sits in front of me out of habit. To motivate your child, encourage them to think about their goals in life and see how their revision and exams are too to them. Try to involve your child as much as possible.

Help your child get enough sleep Good sleep improves thinking and concentration. Encourage exercise during exams Exercise can help boost energy levels, clear the mind and relieve stress. My sober month not only afforded me more time with my cat, but our playtime together started to feel almost therapeutic — so much so that I made it a priority to come home and reljeve at least thirty minutes every night unwinding by winding Nightmare up with her favorite toys.

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Spending two hours away from reality left me feeling ready to take on whatever chaos I was about to walk into come the next morning. Talk about exam nerves Remind your child that it's normal to feel anxious. Make time for treats With your child, think reliwve rewards for doing revision and getting through each exam. Help them study Make sure your child has somewhere comfortable to study.

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And it worked. But the further I got into my 30 days without alcohol and the more the hits just kept on coming at workthe more I found myself taking deep breaths in and out at my desk in order to deal. Seeing a GP is a good place to start. Nervousness is a natural reaction to exams. Video: coping with exams In this video, teenagers prepare themselves and build the confidence to sit their GCSE exams.

Be flexible during exams Neev flexible around exam time.

Need to relieve midterm stress

Then move on and focus on the next test, rather than dwelling on things that cannot be changed. But there are ways to ease the stress. Most teenagers need 8 erlieve 10 hours' sleep a night.

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about anxiety in children. Get help if your child's anxiety or low mood is severe, persists and interferes with their everyday life.

After each exam, encourage your child to talk it through with you. Encourage them to think about what they know and the time they've already put into studying to help them feel more confident. Ask them how you can support them strezs their revision. about the benefits of physical activity.