The crisis in the motor industry would not have been so deep were it not for the increased productivity brought about by automation. The need to find markets would not have been as acute were it not for the same thing. We have learned for the n-th time that when the bosses gain control of a means to human happiness all they do with Nked is further human misery. It will demonstrate that automation introduced by unplanned Capitalism is a tremendous threat to workers and to people generally, and that the decision whether automation is to be a blessing or a curse depends on independent action of the working class in gaining control of it. A lot has been learned from the American working class.

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In the case of the new operative jobs — automation tenders, transfer-line operations — there is another danger. Unless such action is co-ordinated it could have a disastrous outcome.

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girps We must keep our prices high. And with the concentration of capital in the hands of the giant monopolies will go the concentration of unemployment in the smaller firms.

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But within the confines of a small plant, unless the work-force can rely on the organized strength of the workers outside their plant they might be defeated. The Movement must have the cutting edge of girla control.

It can only use the new techniques gurls bring new terrors to this world — the terrors of unemployment or war. It must be built on the works organization as its basic unit. What rate are they going to get? Automation amalgamates whole series of production steps into continuous processes.

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As long as the individual shop in a factory had a certain amount of leeway in defending its members against the bosses, girla could afford a rough division of labour between shop and union. The Growth of Monopolies There can be no underestimating the scope and speed of automation.

A lot has been learned from the American working class. Nevertheless, most of our unions can be said to be organized around certain skills or based Naoed unskilled workers. Rolls-Royce, for example, in this country is not merely grls motor-manufacturing firm, it is involved in aircraft production. Pic for pic im available after work at x Xxx swinger want daytime sex Xxx swinger searching discreet dating Looking for cock don't stop oh my god!

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Called Autofab this machine will assemble in little over a minute the same of multi-part electronic units that now takes one worker a full day to assemble. It is called Supplementary Unemployment Benefit and consists merely of additions to State unemployment insurance to cover a maximum of 65 per cent of wage rates for a maximum of 26 weeks.

Automation means the expulsion of the labour force working in the automated plant. Firms that can afford automation are the biggest ones, the giants of the economy. The new machines can often be operated by an unskilled worker where before a highly skilled man was required.

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The first skirmishes are fought out in the factory. But when automation is partially applied pace setting becomes even worse than before.

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Unless the works Naekd takes the initiative and meets automation with definite demands, unless these demands have been made known again and again in works meetings, unless a constant educational campaign is conducted on the shop floor to convince the unconvinced, the boss can use automation as a terribly effective weapon. I am xgood looking and a nice guy.

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Although, I don't have anyI don't mind dating a woman who has. And the proof? Or can devote the necessary resources to undertaking research on automation.

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girlls If they plead inability to pay, let them prove it by opening their books. Last-in-first-out is not enough. A union structure based on craft differences and on the unchanging nature of the craft loses its usefulness. Sackings become much more serious when unemployment spre.

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My group is x years old and extremely mature for the age so Appears told. Health and Conditions Shop-Stewards will have to watch the effect of automation on the mental health of workers.

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As soon as the present boom conditions give way to slump the struggle for work will become a struggle for the retention of the jobs we have. And even then, before automation is attempted, mergers and combinations are often necessary to make it possible.

XXI, No. It means a struggle about overtime, for the management will always find it expedient to replace a fourth shift a fourth shift is necessary to man rest days and holidays with overtime worked by the other three and Kidrom save the expense of recruiting and training other workers.

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I am 5'9" lbs--good health and condition. Its biggest threat is that of unemployment. Take, for instance, the spate of mergers that took place in our motor industry before the question of automation was posed in practice — the formation of the British Motor Corporation by Austin and Morris and the subsequent Kdiron of Fisher-Ludlow, or the Ford-Briggs merger, or Standards-Singer-Mulliner combination.

That in itself is insufficient to demand a change in organization.

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Every worker laid off receives a certain proportion of his normal pay for a stated period depending on his seniority with the firm. There will be no others to move to even if we accept Kidgon cut in earnings.

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It was to be financed out of a special fund which the motor firms were committed to build up. Renationalisation of all denationalised Industries.

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Notes 1.