How are you? Enjoying this beautiful day. Hi Griselda. How's the babies? Griselda I keep on seeing her on on social media.

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That's really good anybody else anybody else anything about weekrnd message Besides the Beach. He's looking for a place to live. I'm almost 60 years old man and I still might get up and go in the mornings and I'm I'm a up too late because I know where my strength comes from Amen.

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It's a miracle walking around. Praise God hallelujah. Are you outside Vlaley enjoying the fresh air too. Be careful with temptation. And I told why do you want to tend the lord or why did you go for the fried ice cream because see from that point on everything started falling apart, you see God will bless you, but you don't take God's time away from God.

You know the kind of turn and combination lock right there in our church, the tiny little pizzas and that was our lock and guess what we never got broken and all the six years over there there we go. Matthew Mark to get there, but the spirit of girps who raised of Jesus from the dead dwells in you. Amen and God has plans for you to bless you all and I pray that you are positioning yourself to get less cuz you can't get blessed when they're wnana your life. That's where the dead are.

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I don't like roller coasters. We're talks about the unclean spirit comes back and he sees it. I won't get her out of my life and she's there The. How are you doing good to have you guys gir,s good to see you? So why is it?

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Oh, thank you Ruth. There's all kinds of temptation Satan uses what we're talking about one of the money that that we we act like you know when you get out of the devil, but you know the devil has nothing to do with it. No matter what's happening all around us. Miami Since I've been delivered, I haven't had, I don't even get thirsty for it.

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Well, that's that's just one example, you know we're gonna give a few more here but we're gonna. What I'm getting tired for Morebo and my job. Do you guys wanna keep on chatting? I've seen people make thousands of dollars every month and they got done to show for it at the end of the lunch. You're a one -shot wonder Huh.

The word of God re, and it says, like this, The feet comes not the to steal and for to kill and to destroy, Jesus said.

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Amen He will bless when you live for him and when valey do what he says in his word and I'll tell you what I learned. So do you get up early in the morning? And you know I'm trying to get away from her because that's a temptation.

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Amen people like. I should put it this way the wrong place to be why you still hanging out with those old friends.

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That's what we we think we're gonna live forever and then. The devil everything but those demons that were in your House.

See the. I'm getting in the car. Isaac Wow.

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Left we all have to face it and Satan uses it to cause us to sin. Non fiction I I love reading fiction weelend you know it connects to our imagination so I I love that. What they're gonna be.

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It's what the devil throws at you to try to cause you to sin. You don't have to have a title behind your name to overcome things that come your way. I just like got so relaxed just being at the Beach. How about you guys? They're gonna try to get you back into that mess that you were in and you have to avoid. I'm gonna do that. My dad would tell me don't bring this son. Tiara has competition now Alright.

Hi honey.

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What points that really struck a chord with you? Hey, Pastor Mike. We're going to pray for LaToya for cancer that she get. We're gonna reverse one and we're gonna jump four and six weekedn first day of Or early dog, they came into the tomb, bringing the spices, which they had prepared. Amen Romans eight six. That's there.