Many so called "movie slaves" have approached me the last years, offering themselves as "movie slaves" withouthaving any experience at all. As i noticed over the years, many people are just to looking for free kinky fun or sessions! Therefor to avoid timewasting, i decided to not Misstress with any slave before I see with my OWN eyes what they can do practically. You want to be a movie slave?

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In general, I am a quiet person who needs a lot of time alone for reflection and rest.

My submissive's primary role is make my life easy, relaxing and fun. Would you like to do my feet?

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Gentlemen, to respond to a personal ad on thise-mail me and place the reference of the ad in the subject area. I have no interest in switches neither do I engage in play slwve others. Want to enjoy my peak with me?

I will care for you, require you to be a better person and a better man, teach you to meet my needs perfectly, and i will NOT abandon you. Profile: 36 years old. Its only about sseks your Superior wants. I consider life one long learning experience, and I enjoy seeking out new things. The only physical characteristics that interest me are your ability to tell the truth, your integrity, your dependability, and your reliability.

Girl next door slae but looks can be deceiving as I am dominant sexually! Looking for long term, you will also cater to my Female Sub, from time to time. I'm soooo bored! I am searching for my long-term sub who will serve me, feed me, shop for me, take care of errands for me, etc.

Firm mistress seeking slave.

The most important aspect of all of this is your opening up your soul to me and growing deeper in trust, giving more and more of yourself to me. It takes time to get to know someone, and to feel out the fit between a Domme and a sub. LTR relationship that le to a cuckold marriage is possible with right slave. This man is not weak.

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Men should be well groomed, I expect and demand high standards. Profile: I believe in female superiority and dress in a way that always gets the right response. Always have in mind that no slave is clever enough to fool ME! No children or dependants.

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Contact me and I will see if we are compatable. Are you man enough to worship a new age Cleopatra? All applications considered so long as you can comply with any or all of my interests below and have flexibility with your schedule, including weekends.

I seek to enhance my life through 'unconventional' relationship dynamics because i am seeka 'unconventional woman'. Please be advised that I will read your initial e-mail to verify genuiness before I forward it on.

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Profile: Behind every sexy, strong, successful woman is a smart, sensitive, sophisticated, submissive, sexy, suave, solvent, subserviant "SubHub" sex slave addicted to worshipping her and feeding her the power to soar! Until then, I will not limit myself to an exclusive arrangement. I seek sslave the very best. Please, do not contact if you're not a position to do this. Cutting to the chase Critical information: I am the mother of two gorgeous little toddlers who I expect you to treat with the utmost of kindness and concern.

Many so called "movie slaves" have approached me the last years, offering themselves as "movie slaev withouthaving any experience at all. I am a very needy woman!!

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Profile: I am single never married5'8, lbs, slim, toned and athletic. Marc Antony Profile: I am a 43 year old, 5'1" Lady in Maryland interested in a gentleman whose aim is to please.

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I sweks Empress every hour of the day as slave should be itself in the same capacity. I am seeking a true submissive man for a rewarding relationship. He must meet my financial, sexual, intellectual, personal, spiritual and educational needs. Do you like to massage? I am a woman who believes in a Female led relationship where Her man adores and respects his Lady. Please only those who are serious about this lifestyle, financially secure and truly submissive need apply.

I will relocate IF the relationship progresses to that stage. I have a flexible schedule and could visit regularly if the sub makes arrangements.

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This year it is learning to ride horseback, for example. It never is. I am seeking a long term relationship with one completely unattached, childless man leading to marriage. Are you up for spoiling me in the ways a real Goddess should be?