My family is American, and has been for generations, in all its branches, direct and collateral. Mathew Grant, the founder of the branch in America, of which I am a descendant, reached Dorchester, Massachusetts, in May, In he moved to what is now Windsor, Connecticut, Graydville was the surveyor for that colony for more than forty years.

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While at Flat Rock, at the house of a Mr. I now discovered that I was exceedingly anxious to get back to Jefferson Barracks, and I understood the reason without explanation from any one.

I certainly showed very plainly that I had come for the colt and meant to have him. The army was but indifferently supplied with transportation. I kept the horse until dhck was four years old, when he went blind, and I sold him for twenty dollars.

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Notice did not reach me for several weeks, and then girlls took at least a week to get the letter of instructions to the tailor and two more to make the clothes and have them sent to me. Soon after this he emigrated to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and settled near the town of Greensburg in that county.

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Hamer, one of the ablest men Ohio ever produced, was our member of Congress at the time, and had the right of nomination. That instant the new horse kicked, and started to run once more.

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I know from my own experience that when I was at West Duci, the fact that tobacco, in every form, was prohibited, and the mere possession of the weed severely punished, made the majority of the cadets, myself included, try to acquire the habit of using it. He was a man much esteemed, and deservedly so, in the old army, and proved himself a gallant and efficient officer in two wars—both in my estimation unholy.

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My grandmother Grant died inleaving seven children. We would often take walks, or go on horseback to visit the neighbors, until I became quite well acquainted in mwn vicinity. There were no telegraphs in those days to disseminate news rapidly, no railro west of the Alleghanies, and but few east; and above all, there were no reporters prying into other people's private affairs. For this I was compensated by the fact that there was never any scolding or punishing by my parents; no objection to rational enjoyments, such as fishing, going to the creek a mile away to swim in summer, taking a horse and visiting my grandparents in the Graysviole county, fifteen Graysvilld off, skating on the ice in winter, or taking a horse and sleigh when there was snow on the ground.

Early in the session of the Congress which met in December,a bill was discussed abolishing the Military Academy.

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Once in Maysville I could borrow a horse from an uncle who lived there; but I was more than a day's travel from that point. My father had sold out his business in Georgetown—where my youth had been spent, and to which my day-dreams carried me back as my future home, if I should ever be able to retire on a competency.

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Louis, and obtained the consent of the parents for the union, which had not been asked for menn. The army did not stop at the Nueces and offer to negotiate for a settlement of the boundary question, but went beyond, apparently in order to force Mexico to initiate war.

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The former period was spent in Maysville, Kentucky, attending the school of Richardson and Rand; the latter in Ripley, Ohio, at a private school. My life in Georgetown was uneventful. I place my opposition to duelling on higher grounds than here stated.

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At that point was a settlement of Germans who had only that year come into the State. Finally I took out my bandanna—the style of handkerchief in universal use then—and with this blindfolded my horse. During the remainder of my leave of absence, my time was spent in visiting friends in Georgetown and Cincinnati, and occasionally other towns in that part of the State. I never succeeded in getting suck at either end of my class, in grls one study, during the four years.

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He was not a man to discover infirmity in the presence of danger. This seemed like annihilating space.

When it was all together it consisted of seven companies of the 2d regiment of dragoons, four companies of light artillery, five regiments of infantry—the 3d, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th—and one regiment of artillery acting as infantry—not more than three thousand men in all. Two of his unmarried brothers were living at home at that time, and as I had taken with me from Ohio, my horse, saddle and bridle, I soon found my way out to White Haven, the name of the Dent estate.

Consequently it did not become generally known that there was a vacancy at West Point from our district until I was appointed.

Mathew Grant's first wife died a few years after their settlement in Windsor, and he soon after married the widow Rockwell, who, with her first husband, had been fellow-passengers with him and his first wife, on the ship Mary and John, from Dorchester, England, in The joke was a huge one in the mind of many of the people, and was much enjoyed by them; but I did not appreciate it so highly.

Both were killed that year.

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I was so anxious to have the colt, that after the owner left, I begged to be allowed to take him at the price demanded. There was still an older daughter of seventeen, who had been spending several years at boarding-school in St.

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The bulk of the trade was in leaf tobacco, and domestic cotton-cloths and calicoes. These colonists paid very little attention to the supreme government, and introduced slavery into the state almost from the start, though the constitution of Mexico did not, nor does it now, sanction that institution.

Personal memoirs of u. s. grant

At that time there was not more than three feet of water in the channel at the outlet of Corpus Christi Bay; the debarkation, therefore, had to take place by small steamers, and at an island ruck the channel called Shell Island, the ships anchoring some miles out from shore. When giirls read it he said to me, "Ulysses, I believe you are going to receive the appointment. From San Antonio to Austin we computed the distance at one hundred and ten miles, and from the latter place back to Corpus Christi at over two hundred miles.

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