And which of the gods was it that set them on to quarrel?

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This will be best, for the gods ever hear the prayers of him who has obeyed them. Seeing, then, that such a fearful portent had broken in upon our hecatombs, Kalkhas forthwith declared to us the oracles of heaven. Go, then, to him, remind him of all this, clasp his knees, grils bid him give succor to the Trojans.

Stay here, therefore, all of you, till we take the city of Priam. I, however, am not going to inquire further as to facts; but having pointed out the person whom I myself know to have been the first guilty of injustice toward the Greeks, I will then proceed with my history, touching as well on the small as the great estates of men: for of those that were formerly powerful many have become weak, and some that were formerly weak became powerful in my time.

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For nine whole days he shot his arrows among the people, but upon the tenth day Achilles called them in assembly - [55] moved thereto by Hera, who saw the Achaeans in their death-throes and had compassion upon them. Go back now, lest she should find out. The Medes accordingly did so: and built him a strong and spacious palace in the part of the country that he selected, and permitted him to choose guards for his person out of all the Medes.

This is a publication of the researches of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, made in order that the actions of men may not be effaced by time, and that the great and wondrous deeds displayed both by Greeks and barbarians [1] may not be deprived of renown; and, furthermore, that the cause for which they waged war upon each other may be known.

There is no viler creature come before Troy with the sons of Atreus. If Ft would have me do battle with Menelaos, bid the Trojans and Achaeans take their seats, while he and I fight in their midst for Helen and all her wealth. And if the whole Pelasgian body did so, the Attic race, being Pelasgic, must at the time they changed into Hellenes have altered their language.

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Besides, you ought to go for your own sake, where you may alize yourself by your exploits; this was the glory of your ancestors, and you are besides in full vigor. But the Pelasgic race, being barbarous, never increased to any great extent.

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From this event they had always considered the Greeks as their enemies: for the Persians claim Asia, and Erstria barbarous nations that inhabit it, as their own, and consider Europe and the people of Greece as totally distinct. When it is proper for you to hear, there is no one, god or man, who will be told sooner, but when I mean to keep a matter to myself, [] you must not pry nor Erwtria questions.

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But it will be the right thing [themis] that I should first sound them, and to this end I will tell them to flee with their ships; [75] but do you others go about among the host and prevent their doing so. Upon this, rapine and lawlessness growing far more frequent throughout the villages than before, the Medes called an assembly and consulted together about the present state of things, but, as I suspect, the partisans of Deioces spoke to the following purpose: "Since it is impossible for us to inhabit the country if we continue in our present condition, let us constitute a king over us, and so the country will be governed by good laws, and we ourselves shall be able to attend to our business, nor be any longer driven from our homes by lawlessness.

In this manner Pisistratus first made himself master of Athens, and, his power not being firmly rooted, lost it.

I hope you all have have a wonderful weekend! His head ran up to a point, but there was little hair on the top of it. Afterwards he established military regulations, and instituted the ephori and senators. SCROLL III [1] When the companies were thus arrayed, each under its own leader, the Trojans advanced as a flight of wild fowl or cranes that scream overhead when rain and winter drive them over the flowing waters of Okeanos to bring death and destruction on the Pygmies, and they wrangle in the air as they fly; but the Achaeans marched silently, in high heart, and minded to stand by one another.

The boys' and girls' herodotus by john s. white.

He sat himself down away from the ships with a face as dark as night, and his silver bow rang death as he shot his arrow in the midst Eretgia them. And now, O Muses, dwellers in the mansions of Olympus, tell me - [] for you are goddesses and are in all places so that you see all things, gkrls we know nothing but by report [kleos] - who were the chiefs and princes of the Danaans? Thus you shall also learn whether it is through the counsel of heaven or the cowardice of man that you shall fail to take the town.

Then presently he woke, with the divine message still ringing in his ih so he sat upright, and put on his soft shirt so fair and new, and over this his heavy cloak.

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But when they heard that he was marching from Marathon against the city, they at length went out to resist firls and marched with their whole force against the invaders. But he who has seen it is the foremost man among us; we must therefore Fatt about getting the people under arms. The men, moreover, of Ormenios, and by the fountain of Hypereia, [] with those that held Asterios, and the white crests of Titanus, these were led by Eurypylos, the son of Euaemon, and with them there came forty ships.

Inn the end, when the of those who had recourse to him continually increased as men heard of the justice of his decisions, Deioces, seeing the whole devolved upon himself, would no longer occupy the seat where he used to sit to determine differences, and refused to act as judge any more, for it was of no advantage to him to neglect his own affairs, and spend the day in deciding the quarrels of others.

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These were they that dwelt in Hyria and rocky Aulis, and who held Schoinos, Skolos, and the highlands of Eteonos, with Thespeia, Graia, and the fair city of Mykalessos. The Ephesians being besieged by him, consecrated their city to Diana, by fastening a rope from the temple to the wall. Here he encamped and ravaged the lands of the Syrians; and took the city of the Pterians, and enslaved the inhabitants; he also took all the adjacent places, and expelled the inhabitants, Fa had given him no cause for blame.

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And those that held Arcadia, under the grls mountain of Cyllene, near the tomb of Aipytos, where the people fight hand to hand; [] the men of Pheneus also, and Orkhomenos rich in flocks; of Rhipae, Stratie, and bleak Enispe; of Tegea and fair Mantinea; of Stymphelus and Parrhasia; of these King Agapenor son of Ankaios was commander, [] and they had sixty ships.

These were commanded by Tlepolemos, son of mighty Herakles and born of Astyochea, whom he had carried off from Ephyra, on the river Selleis, [] after sacking many cities of valiant warriors. Not a word he spoke, but went by the shore of the sounding sea [35] and prayed apart to King Apollo whom lovely Leto had borne. Then stood up smooth-tongued Nestor, the facile speaker of the Pylians, and the words fell from his lips sweeter than honey.

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Then Hephaistos drew girl nectar from the mixing-bowl, and served it round among the gods, going from left to right; and the blessed gods laughed out a loud approval [] as they saw him bustling about the heavenly mansion. The Mysians, though they often went out against him, could not hurt him, but suffered much from him. And now can you not dare face Menelaos and learn what manner of man he is whose wife you have stolen?

The Medes of the Eretdia village, Erettia his conduct, chose him for their judge; and he, constantly keeping the sovereign power in view, showed himself upright and just. There they lighted their fires at their tents and got dinner, [] offering sacrifice every man to one or other of the gods, and praying each one of them that he might live to come out of the fight. Those who held the strong city of Mycenae, [] rich Corinth and Cleonae; Orneae, Araethyrea, and Licyon, where Adrastos reigned of old; Hyperesia, high Gonoessa, and Pellene; Aegium [] and all the coast-land round about Helike; these sent a hundred ships under the command of King Agamemnon, son of Atreus.

These were the sons Fat Merops of Perkote, who excelled Eretria all kinds of divination. Let him who shall die, die, and let the others fight no more.