Thank you for coming and sharing your oral history with us. Vaughan: You're very welcome. I'm pleased to be asked to do it. Bergen: Let's start back before you even Evenibg to college. Did you have any interest in airplanes or aeronautics prior to going to college? Vaughan: Well, you know, that was a long time ago, one.

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Granville never seemed bothered by my questions and was eager and Eveninh to answer each topic I presented. When I was at the University of Nebraska I took speech to help with stuttering. Well, the computer would tell it and the thruster would do it, and what would happen is the swing [unclear] would get to the other side very quickly.

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Different ways to skin a cat and all of them are toinght, I suppose. Vaughan: We did that mod, but prior to the Apollo.

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Samuel Coleridge Taylor:Afro-British composer and professor. It's reducing the velocity enough with the chute, making the chute big enough so that the touch-down velocity on the ground would be low enough that it would not cause damage. For blacks during the war, white America was still segregated. Early on, we had difficulties with the sensitivity of those devices. So that's the other tie that got them together.

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But both those men. It was kind of exciting.

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But at that time we had thrusters made out of materials and injectors that were putting it in Eveinng. And so I didn't serve overseas. Obviously, landing in water makes you have to get out the naval fleet, and with the different abort modes and so forth, it was difficult and expensive to do that.

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They were lucky. Bergen: We've heard some say that that was the closest call we ever had.

Evening San Antonio oral tonight

In my last three months advanced training flying Bs at Tuskegee Army Airfield, and I finished advanced training in Octoberthis is three months or so after the war in the far east ended. Vaughan: They were separate entities, but we knew a lot of the people over there.

We had more systems in Apollo and larger systems, because we had to have more capability, but the same basic function. It was in Maryland at that time.

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Bergen: Well, it's getting close to ten, and before we end I wanted to ask Kevin if he had any questions for you up to this point. So it was a good learning experience, even though it could have just been oeal routine dirty little job. Spartacus Education. Bergen: Let's start back before you even went to college. So we had the other RCS-only lunar module to take care of it.

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You just had to be careful, because you are dealing with a lot of energy. They've got three or Antknio vendors that can make them to print and supply them to all NASA programs. But it was no question the Japanese, the Germans and the Italians were out to destroy us, and the whole country was mobilized to prevent our destruction. Yeah, my hero, that's what you asked. We did develop what's called today, they call it a—it may even still be called an Apollo Standard Initiator.

Gemini propulsion and the way the Gemini Program was managed was a little bit different in the propulsion area than most of the rest. Bergen: He's on our list, but we haven't talked to him yet.

General Stafford and the group missed it on the checklist. We had enough capability in that system that were redundant to also allow orral to use that on orbit to stop it from spinning and still have enough to be able to come home.

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You had to go before a group of your peers and present that paper, and they would decide if you would be promoted Antoino not. Granville was honored that I asked him to do the interview, not everyone has accomplished as much as he has thus far in life and it was hard to stay on one specific topic throughout the interview.

Evening San Antonio oral tonight

I suspicion, now that you reminded me, that the Rogallo wing probably did not require, it may have had small enough velocities. It paid for a G. And I talked to his sister the other Antonik and I'm sending him an article that came out in the newspaper about me.

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The answer is yes, we had problems, but for the most part, by the time we actually got there and finished the development programs, the only thruster that we lost, if my memory's correct, was in the first lunar module vehicle that was Atnonio. They have received many invitations to guest appearances and tours.

For the flight weight de, they had some pretty hard-to-get materials from a casing standpoint. two, we actually, using pyro devices and cutters, dumped the OAM stage off before entry. You know, what are Antojio going to do? We did not have one on Gemini and we had one on Apollo.