After an accident involving a fruit machine, he began using a wheelchair. He is known for taking the easy option, his stingy nature with money, and general hostility towards his staff. Ladie trademarks include picking his nosedrinking spirits from a tall vase which allows him to reach the spirit ladeis and his brown cardigan. Before the Phoenix, he managed three other clubs, two of which burned down while the other flooded. During the flooding, Potter during a misguided attempt to save the night's takings found himself pinned against the wall by a fruit machine which apparently paralysed him.

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During the flooding, Potter during a misguided attempt to save the night's takings found himself pinned against the wall by a fruit machine which apparently paralysed him. A likable but naive young man, Spencer's first appearance in the series was as the club's DJ, before quitting after a short, disastrous spell and being replaced as DJ by Ray Von. Phoeix guys. In series two he was unsuccessfully employed as a hitman.

He despises people's apathy and seemingly ignorant attitude toward fire safety, often scaring his bored audience with an air horn. This was later oadies by Peter Kay as a mistake, and later episodes of Phoenix Nights suggest the paralysis was genuine.

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The Cheatinng thing is I have to make him cum. In series 2, Eric brings Brian an inflatable bouncy castle, which appears to be shaped like an erect penis when inflated, but is disguised as a snake by Eric. He was accused numerous times of interfering with dogs, but was acquitted.

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He was the subject of a prank played on Brian Potter by Les and Alan the club's backing musicianswho told Potter that Ray Von had spent time in prison for killing his girlfriend, Tracy Burns. He is extremely stingy with money, refusing to take out any kind of insurance on the club or follow basic fire safety procedures. The resident keyboardist and drummer, he is looking for a way into the entertainment business.

At the end of series one, he sets fire to the club by throwing his cigar into a paper towel bin.

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Their cheerful nature and cooking skill after learning not to stir fry chipsmakes them a success. He suffered from illness in the first series and became addicted to herbal medication in series two.

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Finally, despite not impressing at the interview, he was hired by Jerry St. Like all bad guys, though, he eventually gets his comeuppance. He receives a driving fine after evading the police when pursued for speeding following Brian's encouragement to return to the club quickly to cover up lax fire safety precautions. Keith Winston Lard — Peter Kay Keith Lard is portrayed as an overzealous jobsworth who takes immense pride in his work raising awareness of fire safety through training seminars and safety inspections.

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His role within the club is unclear; however, in the first episode in series 1, he is seen on the roof, ladie the lights ready, and he also sits on the club's committee. Marion is a hard working member of staff who the customers like. In series 1, Eric sells a bucking bronco to Brian Potter as a replacement for a faulty snooker table. According to him, amongst other things he has played swingball in Pwllheli with Robert De Cheahingslept with Bonnie Langfordappeared on Centre Court at Wimbledon despite being unseeded, and got Jackie Chan a price for some paint.

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Just so you know I actually ain't spam and do live in this town. He is one of the 'backbone' characters within the club and something of a standout among the hangers-on with his hard work and common sense.

He prides himself on running the best social club in Bolton, and ruthlessly finds ways of sabotaging the Phoenix Club. She is good friends with Holy Mary, and they are usually seen gossiping. Her daughter, also named Mary played by Sian Foulkesa part-time worker at the club, is dating ladies-man club bouncer Paddy, something Holy Mary is not too happy about, although she puts on a brave face about it.

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As for the three quite a few. Although Jerry is arguably the closest the show has to a 'straight man', he is also prone to blunders. He is a supporter of Manchester Cityand is always seen wearing the club's shirt.

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He also claims to have had more life experience than he has actually had; for example, he claims to have had a stint in Pjoenix army. He is also willing to resort to bribery and blackmail, as he did to ensure Keith Lard gave the club a glowing hCeating by threatening to show a manipulated picture supposedly of Keith naked with an Alsatian knowing Keith's penchant for bestiality would ensure the picture would be believed.

Jerry 'The Saint' St. Known for his 'cheeky chappie' image, his sex-obsessed attitude and gullible persona, Paddy tends to be quite successful with girls, unlike colleague Max.

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She is often seen wearing a sky-blue Princess Diana sweatshirt. It is unclear what Perry's full first name is, since Brian Potter refers to him as both Dennis and Denzel. She is replaced by Joyce in series 2. Spencer then returned to the club as an actor, in Les and Alan's musical production of "The Karate Kid". Potter fell for the story, even though it was totally out of character for Ray's easy-going, cool nature. The first series of Phoenix Nights showed Potter struggling to get the club going after its grand opening, following the burning down of the Neptune.

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Despite many mishaps Poenix include hiring a Das Boot German-speaking fruit machine, booking a racist band for the grand opening, getting a horse drunk during a phoenix night and hiring a psychic who insulted the audiencethe Phoenix did indeed become successful, only for local rival Den Perry to drop a cigar into a waste bin. He was also being investigated by the Department of Social Security for possible benefit fraud.

It is unclear what Alan's phoenix is. However, there is some ambiguity about whether all of his claims Cheeating false; for example, when he claimed to have been a firefighter in Mexico, fire warden Keith Lard challenged him to speak Spanish to prove it, and Kenny did in fact cheat fluent Spanish. They are unwittingly smuggled into the country by Max and Paddy, who are returning to Bolton after a ' booze cruise ' from Calais. He is recognisable by his s lady Cheatimg mullet hairstyle, and noted for his habit of calling out Pboenix Shabba!

His attempt to rewire old Christmas lights instead of buying new ones backfired, and the resulting short-circuit saw the Neptune burn to the ground. A recurring joke in the show is Jerry singing "easy listening", pensioner-friendly versions of recent chart hits.

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After an accident involving a fruit machine, he began using a wheelchair. Single Christian seeks same Pittsfield, Luton dunstable. Despite the usual blunders, the Phoenix Puoenix again thrived under pressure. No fat ugly dudes as this lady has some taste I think anyway And make sure you clean down there. Post a comment.