His best friend is his dog, Dukey, with whom he spends nearly all his time. A troublesome, unpredictable, and widely iconic year-old boy, he is often called the "kid with the flaming hair" due to shit scarlet red highlights in his yellow hair. Witu is most often seen wearing green cargo pants, a navy blue dress shirt- under which he wears a black shirt emblazoned with a trefoil symbol- a watch that he rarely uses and black hi-tops. Because he has Susan and Mary by his side, Johnny can live any kid's dream, only to find that some dreams aren't worth living.

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She is the female counterpart of Bumper. There have been a few "close calls" around the series, such as when Mr.

“have you seen a five-year-old boy, blond hair and he’s wearing a t-sh – found item clothing

From toShaggy was voiced by Casey Kasem ; he would return to voice him again from to In the first live action theatrical movie he was voiced by Scott Innes. Zac Efron voices Fred as an adult while Pierce Gagnon voices his younger self in the theatrical animated film Scoob.

They also made minor appearances throughout the series. He often reports about the Test family.

Blond guy with green shirt

In the course of these escapades, he often messes with his sisters' inventions, causing trouble and mayhem for the town. He is a multi-millionaire with unlimited funds at his disposal. When searching for clues, Fred and Daphne usually go together with Velma coming along, but sometimes Fred and Daphne would pair off, having Velma to go with Shaggy and Scooby.

He is typically shown to be oblivious to Daphne's romantic interests, while at the same time falling for other girls.

“have you seen a five-year-old boy, blond hair and he’s wearing a t-shirt that says ‘bullshit’ on it?”

They claim they are not afraid of anything and in their first appearance could shoot ropes from their wrists. In The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, she wore some other purple clothes with purple pants and purple high heels.

Blond guy with green shirt

She's the pet and the best friend of Joni and has the same personality as Dukey. His catchphrase is "Whoa, didn't see that coming" during an unexpected event.

Blond guy with green shirt

She was portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the live-action films and by Kate Melton in the live-action telefilms. Main article: Shaggy Rogers Norville "Shaggy" Rogers is a fictional character from the American animated television series Scooby-Dooabout the adventures of four crime-solving teenagers and Shaggy's pet great daneScooby-Doo.

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Since they live in a cartoon world in a cartoon, their cartoon rules are stronger than Johnny and Dukey, they also can give punishment as much they can take. Freeze from Batman. He used to be Hugh's best friend when he was 10 years old, until they hated each other after Hugh stole Willy's girlfriend in high school. After that, with Hugh's suggestion, he lived with the Test family until his lab was rebuilt.

After his geeen to the show proved to be a ratings success, Hanna-Barbera restructured the show around Scrappy in Teacherman is always very tough, but not always to be mean. Abracadabra-DooVelma is described by her younger sister Madelyn as being "born with a mystery book in her hand". There are times when Johnny and Henry got on his bad side; leading him no shiet but to punish them, much to their dismay.

She made her first appearance in "Johnny Alternative".

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During the series' fourth incarnation, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doosome of the episodes focused on Daphne. She has a brief crush on Dukey. In Johnny'mon, it is revealed that it can evolve into Screechereen. When Johnny was about to spray The Caveman with his costume, he realized that he ran out of perfume and gets chased by The Caveman.

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Henry Teacherman[ edit ] Mr. While not as clever as Velma, Daphne would always solve her problems in a different way. Later at school, the wart came to life and became helpful to Johnny: he helped him remember his locker combination, got him an "A" in math, confronted Bumper by revealing his inner soft side and got Johnny an invite to a party with cheerleaders. Whenever a supervillain appears, he would always agree to swear allegiance with the villain and change the name of the city before the villain even says anything.

She can be very cruel when students don't eat her disgusting albeit sometimes healthy food.

He often wants his children to come back before dinner or risk being grounded. Despite this Dukey has a crush on her, but often shows the hatred Johnny shows to Sissy. He first refused to help Johnny and Dukey about getting rid of the germs telling that he doesn't do this anymore but finally decided to help them by making an ingredient that can kill the germs but Blohd Johnny accidentally poured down an "attracting ingredient", it wiith the germs attack the lab, forcing McPhobe, Johnny and Dukey to escape from the lab and McPhobe destroy the lab with all of the Germs in in.

Blond guy with green shirt

His surname "Nexdor" is a pun on "next door", alluding to the fact that he is Johnny's next door neighbor. In "Johnny X Strikes Back" he gains the power to turn to stone and flight. The cause of Dukey's anthropomorphism is because of one of Susan and Mary's inventions, thus giving him human-like abilities. He has a big crush on Susan, who doesn't reciprocate his feelings, and often resorts to evil plots or blackmail to try and force her to be his girlfriend which mostly fails or backfires due to either by Johnny and the family foiling his plans or his own doing.

In an ending of an episode, he claims to want revenge on Johnny.

Blond guy with green shirt

In later years, the presence of Scrappy-Doo has been criticized as having had a negative effect on the various Scooby-Doo series of the s. Dutchy voiced by Maryke Hendrikse : The female counterpart of Dukey. The producer of the show was Fred Joneswho she began a relationship with in the film's ending. They have high intelligence, capable to study at the Institute Of Porkbelly and avoiding attention.

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Gil Nexdor[ edit ] Gil Nexdor voiced by Andrew Francis : A pretty boy teenager and Susan and Mary's crush, who doesn't even know they exist, despite having lived next door to him since they were born and even having met them face to face on several occasions. Zizrar[ edit ] Zizrar voiced by Scott McNeil : King of the Mole People who often attempts shirtt take over the world only to fail due to his intense aversion to light.

When Johnny plays baseball with Dukey, he accidentally breaks the new TV and he will be punished again. She is Sissy Blakely's mother. Daphne was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman from to Wendell voiced by Ashleigh Ball : An boy who enjoys insects.

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Super Smarty Pants: A pair of pants that allow the user to gain higher intellectual abilities. He was first thought to be a villain but near the end of the episode, it is discovered that his daughter, Claire, was the real villain. Although Tuy eventually helped him to return to Vegandon, he later returned to Earth and became a regular resident after discovering his planet was incapable of producing his new favorite food: toast.

The Tickler voiced by Colin Murdock : is Wacko's twin brother.