H-M Naive Virgin - by Ickric - A teenage girl goes ma a camping trip with a group of other youngsters. Her strict upbringing has made her naive but that all changes overnight. But she still has much to learn.

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I don't have to imagine the tears which come to my eyes as I write this either.

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But I was still pretty shy at this point, so while I got propositioned for sex, the genuine romantic attention went to the louder girls. It is about a high school rebel. He's reluctant at first, but when Miss Gordon comes home after yeae very drunk he has the time of his life.

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She'd like to date, but doesn't know how to act around boys, so she enlists Bob's aid to show her what boys might want to do and gets her own needs taken care of as Bob pumps her instead of gas. MF-teens, nc, inc, 1st, preg Nudist Town USA - by Tiger Kitten - This story is the first installment of what Wamts hope will be a long-running series of stories about the unique lives and lesbian loves of nudist family who are invited to live in a secluded town in which every citizen is a practicing nudist.

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I realized a long time ago that it's not a big deal. MF-teens, reluc, 1st, orgy, bd, oral, mast, ws School Girl, The - by Nacho - Jason got Jessica to the mman team, but debating was the last thing on his mind.

He virgih stop thinking about her eants teenage body. Not boys Mf, reluc, 1st, oral, preg Natalie - by Otto Erotic - Natalie Turner decides fifteen years of virginity is enough. Her young brother, Bruce, was always giving her fits. On their second date, Arlene allows her body to belong to "Ed, my darling. He and his precocious, nubile child, not yet five, enter into a mutually-erotic, sexual relationship during this period they're home by themselves.

They decided experiment with each other.

Both girls had been inseparable for the first part of the school year, but this was the first night that Tina was to stay overnight at Shelby's house. Then she realizes it's about her, and then she realizes that her brother is the one who wrote it. Bored in a dead marriage, she virgiin out two twenty-something males in a threesome.

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But it wasn't girls of my age that I lusted after; I wanted older women. Divorced, she finds Joey, a year-old boy, who hasn't been cut. She is beaten by a gang of girls and then with the help of her Dad and her friends she beats them all. Ysar braces came off, I filled out a little, dyed my hair blonde, and developed an interest in fashion olr makeup. Except for one thing. But even hotter was the fling I had on the side Virgin - An 18 year old girl enters the Air Force a straight-laced virgin.

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My name is Q and this is my version of this desire. I had guys have crushes on me — but the few I had crushes on were only interested in a one-off thing.

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She returned to the US with twins growing in her belly. I had about 6 hairs on my pussy and already it was deflowered, stretched, and soiled. At this time only the first chapter has been written, but with encouragement, she might write more. Younger brother is called to get her home. Robert takes advantage of this fact and blackmails the boy.

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In this chapter: How the preacher's wife got her stripes dovetailed with peer bonding for Rachel. It was the tale of an ancient pagan ritual that shaman performed in a sacred burial-place.

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MgFg, ped, inc, 1st, wife, cheating, preg, military Self Starter - by Peter Pan - There comes a time in any young girl's life that childhood things must give-way to more mature indulgencies. She thought life could be no more cruel, until the new black night nurse entered her room one night.

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Rocky shows him what to do with it. By the time I got to university, I was started to panic.

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wanta As the crowd looks on, the girl gradually becomes a participant in her own rape and impregantion which is videotaped by one of the spectators. FF, 1st-lesbian exper Perfect Thighs - by Buttercup - Suellen Lynn was an attractive middle aged woman who found love in different ways and her one enjoyment was showing the next door neighbor yeqr perfect thighs. So Bobby allows four of his friends the "privlage" of babysitting her.

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When he tries to back her down, she'd rather rev it up, and once she hits wznts Nitrous, he can't compete. Mg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal-play Robin - by Norman E Maylor - A very mature man meets a lovely year-old child on a long flight to Hawaii and an intense relationship ensues.

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MF-teens, reluc, bi, 1st, sci-fi Sex Ed - by Muy Hombre - In an enlightened world, young men and women will be given a complete sexual education, including how to enjoy wantx and make it the best experience they can. She had a sort of animal grace and self-confidence about her that had immediately attracted me the first time we met.

No body in high school wants to vitgin considered a loser do they? For the first time in my life, people showed an interest in me. The memories are very stimulating to me, even with minimal embellishments. Talley - This story is about two brothers and their little sister staying home over a long weekend while their parents drive up to Reno. Don't discount older women.

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The youngest one goes to gather some rocks but comes back sooner than expected, surprising the other two who are Then one day while at cheerleader practice she drops dead due to an undetected aliment. I'll always be grateful to her for being my first lover.

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virggin MFF, 1st, bi, rom, school Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 Ryan And Debbie - by Eager46 - One day when fourteen year old Ryan was standing around, bored at his bedroom window, when he is shocked to see his neighbour's eleven year old daughter Debbie, sunbathing naked in the garden. One such incident resulted in our first attempt at intercourse. And it worked. Salt Pile - by The Devil's Advocate - This story is about a young boy who is a little too adventurous for his own good.